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Chris Coleman

2017 IDPA VA State Championship Match

Chris Coleman is a professional marksman, sponsored competition shooter, and veteran.

Chris was born and raised in a rural town in the heart of North Carolina where he became heavily involved in shooting, hunting, and the outdoors at a very young age. After graduating high school he joined the Army at age 17 as an 11 Bravo Infantryman. It didn't take long before his leaders where astonished at his skills as a marksman. Chris spent most of his time in the military studying long range ballistics, marksmanship, and tactics. He deployed to the middle east in support of Operation Spartan Shield. He served as a sniper, machine gun, and small arms instructor. After Chris' time in the military came to an end he started shooting in competitions with great success winning several matches including state matches he quickly picked up a full ride sponsorship. 

Chris stated, "I am a stickler for dependable weapons, gear, and ammunition. I found out about North Georgia Ammunition while at a local gun show. I picked up a 1,000 rounds to test out and haven't used anything else since. I want my weapons, gear, and ammunition to perform better than I can and NGA does exactly that. Their ammunition is affordable, dependable, and extremely accurate! You can easily tell the employees at NGA take great pride in the the products they produce, i'll never use anything else!"

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