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  • Remanufactured ammunition purchased from NORTH GEORGIA RELOADING may include nickel plated cases. Those nickel plated cases are safe to shoot in your firearm. Nickel plated cases are safe to use in the same manner as brass cases, including reloading.

  • NORTH GEORGIA RELOADING inspects all cartridge cases for defects. The machines are fully automated and cases are checked for any debris and pressure tested for any splits or cracks. Primers are removed, flash holes are cleared, and primer pockets are reamed to accept new primers.

  • NORTH GEORGIA RELOADING then washes cases in an acid wash specially designed to remove all remaining burnt powder from the flash hole and interior of the case which tumbling doesnt remove. Then cases are spin dried for a factory look and finish.

  • NORTH GEORGIA RELOADING full length sizes all cases on our own designed machines to meet S.A.A.M.I.specification. This method is proprietary to our own designed equipment for commercial resizing, which ensures new component performance.

  • NORTH GEORGIA RELOADING then loads these processed components on the same fiber optic-controlled Ammo Load machines as our premium new ammo. These are the same machines used by some of the largest manufacturers in the industry. These machines assure S.A.A.M.I. specifications for priming depth, powder charge, bullet depth and overall cartridge length.

  • NORTH GEORGIA RELOADING "Like-New" manufacturing process with the new projectile, powder and primer assures factory ammo performance that discriminating shooters expect.

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This is our easy to follow list of abbreviations we use for our ammo and breakdown by caliber

-N: New

-R: Remanufactured

AMAX/VMAX: Polymer Ballistic Tip

ACP: Automatic Colt Pistol

BB: Bevel Base

BTSP: Boat Tail Soft Point

DEWC: Double Ended Wad Cutter

FMJ: Full Metal Jacket

FP: Flat Point

GAP: Glock Auto Pistol

HP: Hollow Point

JHP: Jacketed Hollow Point

JSP: Jacketed Soft Point

RN: Round Nose

RNFP: Round Nose Flat Point

SP: Soft Point

SPL: Special

S&W: Smith & Wesson

SWC: Semi Wad Cutter

TC: Truncated Cone

XTP: Extreme Terminal Performance (Self-Defense)