North Georgia Reloading buys brass! If you are local you can turn your brass in from the range at our location. If you happen to be setting on stockpiles of once fired range brass & military surplus, or GI, brass our troops use ..... maybe you were going to do something with " one of these days" call us and we can discuss prices and location for pickup. If you own a range and want to set up arrangements for us to purchase, we are a phone call away. 706.820.6622

Brass Credit Program

To get started, create your account on NorthGeorgiarReloading.com. Once we have received your brass, a web store credit will be applied to your account. Credits typically take 3-5 business days to post after receipt of your package. 

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  1. Web store credit only provided for calibers manufactured under the Freedom Munitions brand (we accept any manufacturers brass in these calibers)

  2. No corroded or dented brass accepted

  3. What’s not accepted:  Steel or Aluminum components, 22’s, or Shot Shells.

  4. Sorting is not needed (mixed calibers are ok - our machines will do the sorting)

  5. Bag brass inside of the shipping box

  6. Include a completed Customer Credit form in each shipper box

  7. Send in shipping boxes only (Use extra tape -- especially at corners and seams) We recommend you ship via a traceable method as we are not responsible for packages lost or damaged in transit.

  8. Brass credit will be applied as a web store credit to your account. Can only be used for purchase of North Georgia & Special Ops Ammunition branded ammo.

  9. Brass we accept: 9mm, 10mm, 380, 38 Special, 40, 45, 45 LC, 223, 5.56, 308, 357, 300 BO, 50 Cal, 50 BMG and down, nickel plated brass cases


Example:Send us $999.00 in brass using our Brass Credit Program. Once the credit is applied to your account, place an order for $1,000.00 and you will only be charged $1.00 plus shipping! Its that easy!

Brass price per pound is: $1.40 (Market Value)

Disclaimer: Brass price per pound can change without notice to reflect the current brass prices. Brass being sent does not have to be the same caliber as the ammo you are ordering. North Georgia Reloading reserves the right to limit the available offerings within the Brass Credit Program at any time.



Please use the shipping address indicated below when you send your order to us:

Shipping Address:

North Georgia Reloading
Attn: Brass Credit Program
201 Patterson Ave.

Fort Oglethorpe, GA 30742


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